Thursday, October 8, 2009

Symptoms of a busted ovarian cyst

Did you know what the symptoms of a busted avarian cyst?Did you prepared yourself for that symptoms?I think everyone shoud know about this symptoms to prepared ourself from to be a victims af that symptoms.For everyone information,an ovarian cyst is a fluid filled sac located near the ovaries. Cysts can occur anywhere in the body and are normally non-cancerous and not harmful when left to heal itself.However, a ruptured ovarian cyst symptoms can potentially be very harmful and can produce Life Threatening symptoms.There are different symptoms of a busted ovarian cyst on ovary depending on the type you have.It could either be functional cyst, polycystic ovaries, endometrial cysts, cytadenomas and dermoid cysts.If you are suffering from recurring back aches, you probably have ovarian cysts. Having this condition is not normal. You might have a cyst on ovary if you have lower back pain that seems to not go away.An ovarian cyst symptoms may mimic symptoms that occur when a woman is pregnant. Therefore, for it to be determined whether there really is an ovarian cyst present, a doctor has to conduct some tests.Below are e few symptoms of a busted ovarian cyst that you really need to know:-
  1. The primary symptoms of a busted ovarian cyst come in the form of pain, originating in the area of the ovaries.Changes in the menstrual cycle or irregular cycles.
  2. Irregular bleeding, either less or more than normal, different types of discharge, or unusual pain.
  3. A condition known as dyspareunia, or abnormal pain during intercourse.
  4. Backache, especially the lower back.
  5. The symptoms of a busted ovarian cyst can cause painful urination.
  6. Increased facial hair or body hair.
  7. Weight gain.
  8. Breast tenderness.
  9. More frequent visits to the toilet due to large cysts putting pressure on the bowels or bladder.
  10. General symptoms of ill health such as fainting, weakness, dizziness and fever.
  11. Pain during sexual intercourse.
If you experience more than one of these symptoms of a busted ovarian cyst, it is advisable that you seek professional medical opinion in helping you diagnose your symptoms.Cyst are easily detected when you undergo routine pelvic examination by your doctor. Using the latest technology in ultrasound, your doctor can precisely measure the size of the cyst and immediately recommend appropriate treatment for your condition.A blood test will be carried out to find out if the Ovarian Cyst is cancerous. This test is recommended for women over the age of 35 and whose cyst has been found to be partially solid. Under 35's are less likely to have ovarian cancer.

Once a positive diagnosis for the symptoms of a busted ovarian cyst has been given by your doctor, ask him/her what your options are. Many doctors recommend medication and quite possibly surgery. There is also a very promising and proven way that you can cure ovarian cyst naturally.However,you still can cure your symptoms of a busted ovarian cyst if you know that you have the symptoms early.You no longer have to live with the pain, bloating and weight gain that comes with having an ovarian cyst. If it's impacting your life, it's time to make a change. There is help and it's all natural and effective. You can be rid of your busted ovarian cyst without surgery.

Symptoms of a busted ovarian cyst.


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